Salzburg, Austria Travel Guide

Salzburg is an Austrian city situated on the edge of the Alps, close to the German border. Straddling the Salzach River banks and surrounded by mountains and lakes, there are few cities that can match the fairytale setting of Salzburg. Salzburg is one of the classical music giants, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart hometown. Its stately hillsides, churches, and homes provided the settings for one of the most adored musicals in cinema – The Sound of Music. Today its architecture provides a backdrop for classical and operatic performances.


Take a funicular to Hohensalzburg battlements for a commanding view of Salzburg and the nearby Alps. Hohensalzburg is one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. Despite the plundering of its best furnishings in 1800 by Napoleon, the chamber still glitters with the cold steel and gold leaf of ancient weaponry.


Although the fortress was built to protect Salzburg’s ruling class, these ruling bishops spent most of their time in the heart of the old city. For centuries, they conducted Salzburg’s affairs from the staterooms of the Residenz. Lavish ceilings, Venetian mirrors, and chandeliers of bohemian glass were designed to project prestige and power to the ruling class but it is now open to everybody.

Salzburg Cathedral

Rising from the original Roman and Celtic settlements ruins, the Salzburg Cathedral’s dome has dominated this city’s skyline for more than four centuries. It is also home to the fort where Mozart was baptized. The Salzburg and Panorama Museum is directly behind this cathedral. Journey through the city’s past at this museum.


Although Salzburg’s many antiquities are kept behind glass, the echoes of Salzburg past ring loudest in the old town streets. Wander along Getreidegasse, one of the world’s loveliest shopping streets. Lose yourself in the street’s many passages and laneways where centuries of tradition and craft are kept alive. You will also find the most famous address of Salzburg at number 9 Getreidegasse. Mozart was born on the third floor of this building. He spent 17 years of his life performing and composing on his first violin.

Café Tomaselli

Salzburg is also a symphony for the taste buds. Café Tomaselli is just off the city’s old Market Square. Here you will get to savor over three centuries of coffee making tradition at this café. It was Mozart and his wife Constance favorite haunt.

Mullner Brau Brewery

For many centuries, Salzburg’s hermits and monks have been brewing with religious zeal. Enjoy a beer poured from the wooden barrel at the Mullner Brau Brewery. You can also hang out in the largest beer garden in Austria to enjoy a local snack with beer devotees.

Salzburg Marionette Theater

After exploring Salzburg hospitality finer points, head across the river to enjoy puppetry, the city’s proudest traditions at the Salzburg Marionette Theater. This theater was opened with Mozart’s opera more than 100 years ago.

Mirabell Palace and Garden

Salzburg is a city with boundless inspiration, especially with its palaces. One of such is the Mirabell Palace and Garden. It was commissioned in 1606 by Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau in order to impress his mistress. From its symphonies to its salt mines, from its waterfalls to its fountains, Salzburg is like a living opera filled with passion, intrigue, comedy, and drama.